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Meet the

Q Team

Who We Are

Q Fitness and Wellness™ is committed to providing quality, customized, culturally responsive fitness training and nutrition services to members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies while providing a service that assures each individual feels affirmed and prioritized so that they can strive to be their best selves regardless of shape, size or ability. We provide services both on-site and virtually.


Cremonlyn Morris-Frazier

Crem is the founder and mastermind behind Q Fitness and Wellness™. She is a veteran in the fitness community with with over 20 years of experience. She has owned multiple fitness studios across the east and west coast, worked as a personal trainer, Director of Fitness, and just about every job in-between. Her life’s passion is helping people live their most vibrant lives!

“I understand that everyone’s path is different and none are direct; and I’m here to walk that windy road, by their side, on their unique pathway to what they consider success!” – Crem Frazier


Becca Blumberg

Becca is a registered dietitian-nutritionist (RDN) based in Fort Collins, CO. She has a Masters in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University and completed a dietetic internship in the Northern Colorado area focused on wellness & lifestyle medicine. Currently, she is working on a certification in Intuitive Eating. She is also a personal trainer. She is passionate about helping people reach whatever health & fitness goals they have set for themselves and to make lasting changes that go well beyond the scale!

Beth Fraley

Beth has been teaching as a Certified Group Fitness Instructor for over ten years. She has taught a variety of classes in many different environments. Beth believes movement is important, and empowering, for both mental and physical health.  She also considers laughter and fun as essential parts to any (and all) workouts!

Shaine Laine

Shaine Laine is new to the personal training world, yet he works with people across the nation as a comedian and entertainer. Shaine’s self-identification journey and fitness journey go hand in hand. Being a transgender male, Shaine learned how to love the body he has through the gym. He looks forward to obtaining many fitness certifications on the way to coach intramural sports in the Charlotte area.

Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend Q Fitness and Wellness™ for all your healthy and weight training. They provide a great workout each and every time. The training I received during a Bootcamp was amazing, she really helped push me to do my best, but know my limits. I feel so much stronger, and healthier due to their 8wk Bootcamp. No disappointments here.

– Tiffany Avery

You have helped me tremendously! I feel like I can be productive and live a healthier lifestyle after the program.

– Dr. Nubian Sun

This is changing my life, thanks so much.

– Erik Higgins