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Tips for Mindful Movement

Break through barriers – Examine what’s kept you from resisting being more active in the past and start to focus on ways to overcome these barriers. Examine any mind games like the “I don’t have time for a full workout” or “If I don’t sweat, it doesn’t count” that may have held you back, and remind yourself that it ALL counts.

Build activity into your day – Park farther away, take the steps, or ride your bike. It will all add up!

Make movement fun – Focus on movement as self-care and how you feel during and after a great workout. Enjoy time outdoors, a favorite soundtrack, or time with a good friend to add to the experience.

Be comfortable while moving – Wear clothes that don’t bind or restrict and that aren’t so tight that they distract you or make you uncomfortable. On the same note, don’t wear clothes that are so baggy that they get in your way while you move. Your workout clothes should make you feel comfortable inside and out!

Prioritize rest – This prevents injury and burnout, either of which will derail the best of intentions.