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Author: Q Fit Team

What Is Fat?

What is fat? In simple terms, “fat” refers to one of three macronutrients in our food that our bodies can use for energy. It has some important physiologic functions. It is a rich source of energy (9 calories/gram vs 4 for carbs or protein). Why is fat important? Mood - Fat forms a layer around your large nerves, insulating them and allowing for faster signaling (think about the thick coating around power lines). Fat also is a key component of neurotransmitters and hormones. This means they can impact mood and mental health. Inflammation - Some fats act as anti inflammatories...

Nutritious Food Recipes: Sweet Potatoes

This recipe features healthy plant-based unsaturated fat from the olive oil spray and the nut butter and avocado that are used as toppings. The fat in combination with the starch and fiber from the potato make these toasts a filling combination. Ingredients: 1 Medium Sweet Potato Olive Oil Suggested toppings: Sweet: Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Savory: Avocado & Chili Powder Directions: Slice sweet potato lengthwise into thin planks Lightly brush or mist with olive oil In a toaster, toast the slices on the highest setting 2-3 times, until potatoes are lightly browned and tender. Spread the slices with peanut butter...

Tips for Mindful Movement

Break through barriers - Examine what’s kept you from resisting being more active in the past and start to focus on ways to overcome these barriers. Examine any mind games like the “I don’t have time for a full workout” or “If I don’t sweat, it doesn’t count” that may have held you back, and remind yourself that it ALL counts. Build activity into your day - Park farther away, take the steps, or ride your bike. It will all add up! Make movement fun - Focus on movement as self-care and how you feel during and after a great workout. Enjoy...

Should you eat before or after working out?

Eating and exercise go hand in hand. When and what you eat can impact how you feel when you exercise, no matter what type of activity it is.  Even though we know how important this can be, we still aren’t sure if we should or shouldn’t eat before exercise.  Here are a few points to consider: Studies have shown that fueling up before a workout leads to an improved ability to work harder for longer. If you feel fatigued during your workouts and extremely hungry or irritable after, try eating something beforehand instead of going in on an empty stomach. A post-workout meal...